Two Happy Hoglets

May 23, 2011

It’s been a while since our last post…but we had to put on some pictures of our two newest additions! Peanut gave birth to these gorgeous babies just over two weeks ago and here are the first proper pictures. They move around so much it is hard to get a good, clear photo…but we think you’ll agree that they are super cute!

Beautiful dark masked hoglet!

At this age they are so nice to handle – and their bellies are so warm and soft! I have had a quick check and think that they are both girls. Girl power! They will be ready for their new homes around 20th June 2011. Please get in touch if you would like to know more.


Hooray for Hoglets!

January 28, 2011

Well, our little hoglets are keeping us busy and providing us with lots of cuddles and capers!!! They are moving around much more now – exploring and enjoying being away from their Mum now that they are a bit older!

Three hoglets are now reserved so two of our sweeties are still looking for their forever homes…

Do you have space in your home and your heart for Zorro or Pawz?

Zorro has a dark little mask on his face and a very pretty snowflake of white quills over his chocolate base – he loves worms and playing with old toilet roll tubes! (Please make sure you cut the down the middle – Health and Safety)

Pawz is our big boy – he was a single baby, born to Mummy Archer. He is a week younger than the other hoglets – but is bigger than everyone! Pawz is absolutely striking with large pinto patches providing a stark contrast to his dark chocolate base. He also has four little dark paws or socks – hence his temporary name!

Free delivery to central Scotland – scheduled for week beginning 7th February. Please get in touch for more info.

Happy Hog-manay!

January 7, 2011

Well we certainly had a happy Hog-manay here at Hebhogs! Pimms and Archer both had Christmas litters…and we now have the first photos! The hoglets are absolutely gorgeous as you can see!

Pimms gave birth to four babies on 20th December (pictured above) so they are now two weeks old. We are very pleased as not only are the babies doing extremely well but they are also a beautiful mix of pinto colours. One of the hoglets is looking to be an unusual high pinto – being mainly white with a few dark quills on top of his head!

It is quite tricky to tell but at the moment we think we have three boys and one girl in Pimms’ litter. Archer gave birth around a week later – to one enormous baby! Pictures to follow as it is too early to disturb mum in the nest.

Hoglets will be ready for their new homes at some point in February depending on weight gain and age. More details can be found on our “Hoglets for Sale” page.

Keep watching this page for photo updates as the babies grow!

Pookie needs a Mummy!

October 1, 2010

Well, our little bundles of prickles are doing really well – just separated from Mum they are munching their way through solid food and plenty of mealworms as treats! They love playtime in the paddling pool and getting up to mischief when they are out and about! The boys in particular seem to enjoy climbing and exploring!

Loving homes have been found for two of our hoglets – but we’re still looking for a mummy (or Daddy!) for little Pookie. He is very sweet and just like his brother has some lovely cream pinto markings. He will be ready to go to his new home around 15th October.

In other hedgehog news Peanut gave birth a few weeks ago to a litter of three girls! Quite dark in colour I think they may turn out to be algerian grey or algerian chocolate. (Hedgehog colours and genetics are very confusing!)

Anyway, I’m off to do the baby weigh-ins…so that Iain can update his little charts – just like a health visitor!

How do you do...!

We are now the proud Mummy and Daddy of three baby hoglets!

Mum Wotsit delivered a gorgeous litter of three babies on the 21st August.
Squeaking from the nest alerted us to the fact that Wotsit had given birth, but as it is crucial to leave the nest undisturbed we couldn’t even take a peek inside until last week.
The hoglets will be three weeks old tomorrrow and we can now take them out for short, daily handling sessions – and of course some photos! As you can see from the pictures they are just the cutest little bundles of prickles!

The Three Little Pigs

We are pretty sure we have one girl and one boy so far; one baby is a bit shy and keeps rolling into a ball when we want to have a check! I am in love with the little girl especially – she already enjoys being stroked – I don’t know how I’m going to part with her when the time comes to go to her new home!

Nap Time

Sonic Boom - 14 Hedgehogs in the Hebrides

After a round trip of over 900 hundred miles, from the picturesque Yorkshire moors to the windswept moors of the Isle of Lewis, my instant hedgehog family and breeding herd has arrived safely! We are now the proud owners of not one, not two, but fourteen African Pygmy Hedgehogs!

I have no dining room left. It has been transformed into a “Hog Heaven” with cages, thermostatically controlled climate and even a hedgehog playpark in the form of a paddling pool. (No water – of course! Although hedgehogs do enjoy a bath from time to time!)

However, we are thoroughly enjoying getting to know our new charges – they are the cutest, prickliest little customers and are utterly fascinating to observe as they tentatively explore their new home.

Above is a picture of, yes, you guessed it – “Sonic” – named by our son Harris, age 4.