The Pitter Patter of Tiny…Prickles!

September 10, 2010

How do you do...!

We are now the proud Mummy and Daddy of three baby hoglets!

Mum Wotsit delivered a gorgeous litter of three babies on the 21st August.
Squeaking from the nest alerted us to the fact that Wotsit had given birth, but as it is crucial to leave the nest undisturbed we couldn’t even take a peek inside until last week.
The hoglets will be three weeks old tomorrrow and we can now take them out for short, daily handling sessions – and of course some photos! As you can see from the pictures they are just the cutest little bundles of prickles!

The Three Little Pigs

We are pretty sure we have one girl and one boy so far; one baby is a bit shy and keeps rolling into a ball when we want to have a check! I am in love with the little girl especially – she already enjoys being stroked – I don’t know how I’m going to part with her when the time comes to go to her new home!

Nap Time


One Response to “The Pitter Patter of Tiny…Prickles!”

  1. sherri and violet Says:

    that our honey cant believe how big she got now

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