Happy Hog-manay!

January 7, 2011

Well we certainly had a happy Hog-manay here at Hebhogs! Pimms and Archer both had Christmas litters…and we now have the first photos! The hoglets are absolutely gorgeous as you can see!

Pimms gave birth to four babies on 20th December (pictured above) so they are now two weeks old. We are very pleased as not only are the babies doing extremely well but they are also a beautiful mix of pinto colours. One of the hoglets is looking to be an unusual high pinto – being mainly white with a few dark quills on top of his head!

It is quite tricky to tell but at the moment we think we have three boys and one girl in Pimms’ litter. Archer gave birth around a week later – to one enormous baby! Pictures to follow as it is too early to disturb mum in the nest.

Hoglets will be ready for their new homes at some point in February depending on weight gain and age. More details can be found on our “Hoglets for Sale” page.

Keep watching this page for photo updates as the babies grow!


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