Atelerix albiventris (White-bellied Hedgehog)

The African Pygmy Hedgehogs is actually a hybrid of the White-bellied Hedgehog (Atelerix albiventris) and the Algerian Hedgehog (Atelerix algirus). It is a domesticated species and is much smaller than the type of wild or European hedgehog that you might find in your garden.

European or Western Hedgehog

Keeping APHs as pets has been popular in America for over ten years; they are now becoming sought after as an exotic pet in the UK.  A UK African Pygmy Register has also been set up to enable breeders and pet owners to register new pets and litters to assist with tracing lineage, monitoring any genetic problems and to provide pedigree certificates for registered animals.

Atelerix algirus (Algerian Hedgehog)

It is important to remember that, as an exotic pet, the requirements of an African Pygmy Hedgehog are more complex than those of a more common pet such as a hamster or a rabbit. However, with careful research into their care, diet and daily needs, as well as dedication towards their socialisation and taming, African Pygmy Hedgehogs  can make rewarding, interesting and undeniably cute pets.

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