APH: Is it really the pet for you?

It is easy to fall in love with incredibly cute hoglets and the inquisitive little faces of African Pygmy Hedgehogs in the press or on the internet. But coping with, and being able to care for, your own little bundle of prickles requires careful planning, research and consideration.

APHs require space, a varied diet (which includes mealworms), a constant climate temperature of not less than 20 degrees Celsius, and most importantly at least an hour of your time everyday. It should also be noted that, as nocturnal creatures, your hedgehog may not wake up until around 9pm or even later.

APHs can live for around three to five years, sometimes longer. They are solitary animals and as such must be housed singly.

A Hedgehog Quill

Also, it is important to highlight the obvious – hedgehogs are prickly! They need time and attention to become tame and get used to handling – be prepared to be jagged as your prickly pal gets to know you. With the correct handling daily and perseverance your hedgehog will become used to being picked up, handled and stroked.

A note about poo…it is important to remember that, as insectivores, (and meat eaters in the form of chicken and mince!) hedgehogs produce poo that is more similar to that of a cat with regards to smell and consistency. The good news is that some hedgehogs can be trained to use a litter tray in their cage.

Still interested in keeping an APH as a pet? Then your research should begin now. Here a few sites to get you started. Click the banners to be taken directly to the sites. Good luck!

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