This is Tinsel – one of the babies of the herd. She’s a gorgeous pale brown chocolate colour – too young for breeding just now but we have high hopes for a litter of Tinsel babies in 2011.


This is Lulu – another hoglet in the herd. With beautiful chocolate pinto markings her babies are sure to be gorgeous – but we’ll have to wait until later in the year. Lulu loves to explore – she’s a nosy-parker!


Hello Peanut! One of the experienced mums of the herd – she is two years old and has lovely dark colouring.


Another one of the established mums of the herd. Popcorn is registered as an unusual champagne colour. She was three years old in October so has now retired to pampered pet status.


Another baby hoglet – but this time a boy. Sonic was named by our son Harris (age 4) and is officially “his”. When old enough he will join Sheridan and share the title of “stud male”. Hopefully he will be a daddy to many little pinto babies!


Who’s the Daddy? Well, as our chief stud male it’s Sheridan! A real cheeky chappy – he loves his job! A lovely chocolate pinto with lots of white patches means plenty of pinto babies…


One of our old girls. Wotsit, at three years old is retired from breeding. Instead she lives in the lap of luxury. Her favourite treat is mince!


Here’s Guinness sticking her tongue out for the camera! She’s a real character – she has lovely markings and has such a pretty face; she reminds me of a ferret!


One of our young brown pintos Pimms is one of our favourites. She keeps her cage nice and tidy and always uses her litter tray. Good girl Pimms!


A young chocolate pinto Archer is on our breeding programme. Hopefully we will see a litter of little hoglets next year.


Another gorgeous chocolate pinto Scrumpy will hopefully have a litter in 2011. She loves her treats – especially chicken and mince!

4 Responses to “Meet the Herd”

  1. Eilidh Smith Says:

    Hi its Eilidh been on your website love your hegehogs!

  2. Anna Campbell Says:

    Hi I was looking at your website, love your hedgehogs there cute!!!!

  3. Jessie Black Says:

    hi i love your hedgehogs i wish i could have one
    by the way you are my favrouite teacher
    xx jessie
    Tolsta School

  4. Daniel MacDonald Says:

    your hedgehogs are really cute i wish i could have one!! thanks for bringing them in to school today.

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